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Miles of wirless electric power

...demand your devices be powered by WiGL
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Power your device or recharge your battery whenever you are connected to a WiGL network.

No more hunting for an outlet or cord. WiGL provides much smarter use of AC and/or DC power. WiGL finds your devices and sends power directly to you.



1. Log onto a WiGL provider (same as WiFi).
2. WiGL routes power wherever you need it.
3. WiGL finds and follows you as you move.
4. Power or recharge your devices.
5. WiGL lets you to share power with others.



Ditch cords and wires. Use WiGL the same way you use WiFi or make cellphone calls. Point-to-point or point-to-multi-point directed energy. Therefore our distance is limitless.

WiGL safely powers your devices on the move or recharges your battery while you use your device.

When will your device get WiGL?

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