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Nurse Robot

System Warning


(background robots)



This story place in a robot dystopia world, it is very futuristic, and the only inhabitants of this world are robots.


Narration: Robotania is a beautiful world, filled with happiness and joy. Its robot inhabitants live in peace and technology it believed to be at its climax. Pans down to robot 1 in their home.


Robot 1: *Wakes up and hops out of bed and runs into a clothing chamber that automatically puts on clothes, robot 1 picks the outfit they are wearing for the day and then exits the clothing chamber. They then run downstairs.


Robot 1: Hey mom


Robot 2: *Looks up from cooking and sees her son running around the downstairs * Son, do you have books downloaded


Robot 1: Yes mom *Still running around grabbing bookbag and stuffing things in it*


Robot 2: Did you remember your P.E codes


Robot 1: Yes mom


Robot 2: Oh, what about your math scans. Did you get your math scans from your teacher?


Robot 1: Yes mom *In an annoyed. But sympathetic way*


Robot 2: Did you get your power for today


Robot 1: *Now standing at the doorway* Mom, I have to go, I’m gonna be late for bus. *Runs down to the bus stop and runs onto the bus*


Robot 82 (bus driver): *Speaking to Robot 1* Try to be on time tomorrow *starts to fly off toward the Robot Academy*


Robot 1: Sorry



Scene: In another house robot house


*An alarm goes off; a robot comes into view, clearly asleep, and is seen with their head sprawled out over tools and metal scraps on their desk*


Nurse Robot: *looks at alarm and blink a few times before jolting up* Oh no, I’m late.


*the nurse robot than gets up and runs into her clothing chamber and selects her nurse outfit. Runs down to her office and sees the mess of tools and metal scraps. She grabs what seems to be a cube off of her desk and then arm sweeps the rest of the mess to one side of the desk and sighs. She then runs to her door and a nurse coat is seen being grabbed from a rack. We then see the nurse robot on the street getting into her car and flying off, eventually being seen flying behind the bus that Robot 1 was seen getting into*


Nurse Robot: C’mon, traffic, at 7:00am *annoyingly sighs*


*Scenes cuts to the nurse getting out of the car, with her bags full in hands, running through the school doors and into the infirmary were to the nurse robot is seen sitting down in her chair in the infirmary and setting down her things**The Principal Robot then walks in startling the nurse robot*


Principal Robot: Hello nurse robot it’s nice to see you settling in.


Nurse Robot: Hello principal *putting away things frantically* Good morning.


Principal robot: *awkwardly hands nurse robot a flask drive* Here are all of the student’s names and parent phone numbers.


Nurse Robot: *flustered and grabs the drive* Thank you so much.


Principal robot: It is no problem. Well, uh, we really look forward to working with you, hopefully you won’t see to many students come through here. *laughs*


Nurse Robot: *Awkward Laugh* Hopefully I won’t *watches principal walk out and then lean backs in chair and lets out a sigh of relief*


Nurse Robot: *looks up at a clock that is clearly broken* *sighs* It’s gonna be a long day today.


Scene cuts to within in the Robot Academy


Robot 1: *talking to friend* Hey, 32 It has been a minute, you still in P.E?


Robot 32: Of course not, all we do is stand in the syndicator and they test our joints. *Click*


Robot 132: *Over intercom* Welcome back students, class is starting 2 minutes. I repeat class is starting in 2 minutes.


Robot 32: Well, I gotta go, Robot 1003 is strict about being on time. Says she’s got like an internal clock or something weird like that.


Robot 1: Bye, 32


*heads into P.E.* Scene: Now in the gym where a row of chambers are in the back and background robots are seen doing various activities like throwing a ball, running, or jumping.


Robot 54: Robots!! Listen up if you’re an even number, head to the syndicator! If you’re an odd number pick an activity to do. *starts to walk away to sit in chair, but turns around* Also, no throwing the balls hard, we had to patch up three holes last time.


Robot 1: *Sighs and grabs a ball*  *throws ball straight up into the air, but they don’t catch it and it hits them right in the face*


Robot 67: *Laughs* Hey look, 1 can’t even catch the ball


Robot 1: *Stares at their hands* *sees a system warning in its eyes*


System Warning: Power insufficient


Robot 1: No, no, no. I swear I charged up yesterday. *tries to step toward gym teacher, but falls out*


Scene: inside a robot infirmary  


Robot 1: *groggily* What happened


Nurse Robot: Hello robot 1, you died in gym class today


Robot 1: What?!?!


Nurse Robot: Your battery…….it died in gym class today.


Robot 1: *sighs in relief*


Nurse Robot: As you know, the main charging stations do not refill themselves until 1:00. So, I have given you an experiment device I have been working on


Robot 1: experiment device? No, no. I’m not an experiment robot. *says concerned*

Nurse Robot: Oh goodness no. I know that; this is something I’ve been working on to hopefully further our technolog-


Robot 1: But there have been no technology developments in years, we are in our climax


Nurse Robot: And yet here you are talking to me, perfectly powered up. Go ahead take a look at your battery logs.


Robot 1: *battery logs read that they are fully charged and still charging* Impossible how am I charging *starts looking around for plug on their back*


Nurse Robot: *laughs* That is my invention. I call it WigL. It will allow for a seamless flow of power at all times. Robots will never again have to plug up at 1:00 every day.


Robot 1: incredible. Why haven’t you released it to the public?


Nurse Robot: Oh, I have, but you know how the technological office is. They get faulty “new” inventions all the times. It may be years before they even decide to take a look at my submission.


Robot 1: *With enthusiasm* We need to go now, the robots must her able this.


Nurse Robot: I admire your enthusiasm really, but what will the school board think if I pull a student out of school just to try, and I heavily emphasize try, to approve an invention I came up with in my back data drives. I may have possibly just invented something huge, but I still need this job.


Robot 1: But please, this could be really huge. I mean I could at home right now waiting to charge up and getting ready to hear my mother’s 2-hour lecture on why I should never forget to power up. But instead I am able to continue my day and mostly importantly not have to hear my mother’s lecture


Nurse Robot: That is true, though you may still be hearing your mother’s lecture. I do have to notify home when a student is sent to the infirmary on something serious.


Robot 1: *sighs*


Nurse Robot: *smiles* how about I promise you this. You remember to charge up from now on and tonight I will go technological office and demand my invention be seen. *reaches out hand for a handshake* Deal?


Robot 1: *Smiles and shakes hand* Deal.


Next Scene: Weeks later, Robot 1 is sitting down in the living room watching tv

News Robot: Breaking news, a new invention has been reviewed and approved. This invention could quite possibly change our society for forever. It is called WigL and it allows for wireless power everywhere. No more charging stations or cords. I look forward to seeing what it can. We now head to News Robot 87.


Robot 1: *Smiles at TV and scene fades out*