WiGL on Mobile Medical Devices

The rapid growth of wireless technologies offer an excellent opportunity for mobile medical devices. This new generation of medical tools effectively helps healthcare professionals diagnose, monitor, and treat certain kinds of diseases.

Experts developed flexible and ultra-small electronic chips embedded in a medical device worn by patients or implanted to a patient's body. It helps manage health conditions in a more advanced, accessible way and delivers excellent medical services to sick individuals. People become more aware of their health status with mobile medical devices.

However, operating medical devices wirelessly have a huge risk. None more important than access to power; batteries, recharging, and down-time. Fortunately, soon, WiGL's (pronounced “wiggle”) wireless power network can help mobile medical devices operate safely and efficiently to keep life-saving devices powered.

WiGL's Wireless Power Network Offers Easy and Safe Connection

Our patented technologies are like regular WiFi—no need for cords or wires and extra batteries. It will provide power to medical devices or recharge batteries on life saving devices wirelessly anytime, anywhere.

WiGL Powers Mobile Medical Devices

As analog and digital electronics are rapidly growing and moving toward Internet of Things (IoT), it gives miniaturized electronic systems an excellent value in the marketplace. Medical devices will be using micro-sized and biocompatible electronic tools, making WiGL an ideal network for their power source.

WiGL can send power to wearable and implantable mobile medical devices such as:

● Smart health trackers

Fitness trackers

ECG monitors

● Blood pressure monitors

Cardiac pacemakers

● Cardioverter-defibrillators

● Neurostimulators

These devices require a highly sustainable power to operate and transmit patient's data accurately. They utilized rechargeable batteries. But

. WiGL, in this case, can help extend the life of batteries, which is substantial to prevent frequent replacement of implanted devices. At one day…WiGL will send the power without the need for batteries.

Advantages of Using WiGL on Mobile Medical Devices

1. Sustainable power supply supports on-time delivery of your health status' results.

2. No worry about sudden battery loss or where to find a socket to recharge your wearable devices.

3. WiGL tracks your location and sends power to your devices or recharges your batteries on demand.

4. It is safe to use your medical devices while charging.

5. No more bulky batteries for medical equipment

6. No more tangled, long wires or cords.

The development of WiGL technologies contributes to the next generation of mobile medical devices. Our vision is that in the future, wires, and batteries will be replaced with wireless networks and hubs… operated using microchips. Power on-demand is power that saves lives.

Let’s WiGL

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