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WiGL is truly tomorrow's wireless power

How does WiGL work?

It works by taking normal energy from wires and converting that energy in a novel, networked way to wireless energy to specific recipients. The networking aspect coupled with smart software takes 140 years of wireless energy knowhow and applies it to today’s real world applications. For a more in depth discussion, feel free to take a look at our whitepaper, it should give you a good idea of how things work.

Can I buy this anywhere? Any products on market? Whats the cost?

We are not aware of any products on the market yet. However, we are engaging with companies that can produce this technology and encouraging those interested in our technology to request WigL at their local electronics stores.

Can I invest in WiGL?

If you are an investor seeking to become a part of the WiGL family please contact Marie Wise at 408-823-3416. If you are a corporation seeking a license to leverage the WiGL Utility patent or have any other investment/licensing questions please contact Bob Rickard at

Do you guys actually have a working prototype?

Yes - Our first working prototype was demonstrated before we submitted our patent application to the US patent office and was used to justify the utility patent. Since then, we have created two additional apllications for different applications. If you are a corporate officer representing a company that is interested in developing WiGL technology, please let us know and we will be happy to arrange a demonstration and in-depth review of the capabilities.

What's the distance you can transmit power?

There is no limit to the theoretical transmission distance. Power transfer efficiency depends on many factors including frequency, antennas, the transmission medium, etc. WiGL uses known physical limits as a starting point and introduces a software specific, networking aspect to those limits to become viable. Is there a specific application you are interested in?

Has WiGL been tested yet?

WiGL is being investigated by many different agencies and sectors and is being tested all of the time. Is there a specific application you are interested in?