Smart & Safe Wireless Electric Power 

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Smart Wireless Electric Power

Introducing WiGL

In our rapidly evolving, ever-connected Internet of Things age...we need access to safe wireless power as much as we need access to the Internet. Say hello to  "Wireless-electric Grid Local Air Networks" or WiGL (pronounced wiggle).


WiFi gets you internet


WiGL gets you power 

Send & Receive Power Safely Through WiFi

Help consumers ditch cords and wires. Power their devices on the move or recharge their battery while they use their device—and that’s just scratching the surface.



Wireless power distribution with the same security as our best wireless technology, allowing targeted, access-controlled power distribution.

Clean Energy

Reduces infrastructure, downtime and hardware/maintenance by eliminating wires, cords and extra batteries.


Using the same signal that carries data (WiFi, cell phone, AC, DC, etc.), WiGL tracks and sends energy on-demand.

On the Phone

Software Control​

Wireless electrical Grid Local Area Network's (Wi-GL or WiGL; "wiggle") patented technology allows you to pick a wireless power network the same way you pick a Wifi provider. Cut the cords and wirelessly power your devices up on demand. The time has come to wirelessly connect and power our devices.

Account Control/ Security​


Power Sources​

Add or delete authorized users/subscribers to your WiGL account​

Voice Command​

What can WiGL do for you?​


What power sources should be considered?​


Use this app to schedule powering & recharging of your devices ​

Auto Notification​

Your blender has been charged to 100% as requested​


Power “Profile”​

Would you like to add usage data or power tracking to your profile?​

WiGL in the Home

Simple adapters transform AC power outlets into wireless electricity routers, targeted power to a number of devices such as laptops, phones, televisions, security systems and more.


WiGL Everywhere

For a number of applications–from drones to ambulances to military units–essential power is made available worldwide via WiGL transmitters embedded in streets, on light poles and on satellites.

Have any Questions?

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How does it work?

WiGL converts AC or DC Smarter Power (P/LAN) into a two-way signal via a WiGL transmitter (Tx). The transmitter then routes a directed WiGL signal to a known receiver. The receiver then converts the EMR or RF signal into DC to harvest the power. The received power is then stored or used to power the device. During this process, the Transmitter/Receiver (Rx) communicates smart energy by using routing tables and/or routing policies between the Tx and the Rx.